• Support , Connectivity , Hosted Telephony , Mobile Broadband
    Support , Connectivity , Hosted Telephony , Mobile Broadband

ISDN & Analogue

Tele-Response have a direct Portal to OpenReach for the provision of iSDN and Analogue trunk services. To include number changes, Re-directions, number provisioning /deleting & number porting to name a few of the applications within our portal.

This means any requests for these type of services can be looked into and provisioned with the maximum amount of certainty.


While the iSDN service being disconnecting in 2025 - we can still provision services such as iSDN2 and iSDN30 and can still port numbers and complete lines checks for faults or other issues, including the porting of iSDN services to SIP.

In addition DDI number ranges on iSDN can still currently be managed. If you are unsure where you currently stand on iSDN please feel free to contact us.


This type of service is still widely available, if you require any Analogue provision or work please contact us directly.

Analogue can be used used for Direct Exchanges Lines ( DEL), Broadband Services (FTTC/ ADSL), Emergency Phones, Lift Phones & Alarms ( REDCARE) to name a few uses for Analogue.