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    Support , Connectivity , Hosted Telephony , Mobile Broadband


Hosted Solutions

Tele-Response evaluated a number of hosted solutions in the last 24 months. We found a lot of the solutions were very complicated, and/or expensive until we found 3CX. 

What is 3CX?

3CX is a modern, cloud-based/ On Premises, full-featured phone system that allows your employees to work productively from anywhere on any device. 

It’s an all-in-one system with staff and client communication via v smartphones, to web conferencing and meetings via the Web Client, to dealing with customer service requests using website live chat and track client info with the CRM integration; you can do so much and more with the 3CX phone systems.

MS TEAMS Intergration with 3CX Please click this link : MS TEAMS.

Cost savings can be made

One of the major advantages  of 3CX is that it offers unbeatable pricing with as much as 80% cost savings per year.  

Pricing is also based on the number of simultaneous calls rather than number of extensions which can be particularly advantageous, as well as free inter-office and branch calls, reduced outbound call charges using  SIP trunks, and the use of International numbers & IP Telephony so customers can call in at competitive rates. We can offer FREE  Local ,National & Mobile calls, 


Easy set up and management

If you’re looking to replace your company’s existing, outdated system then 3CX makes it easy.

It’s preconfigured to work with the leading SIP trunk providers,  IP Phones and gateways, as well including advanced security features with automatic updates and global IP blacklist. This means it’s hassle-free to install.  

The intuitive management console makes it easy to create, edit and delete extensions, DIDs and ring groups, set up iOS and Android apps for remote working, upgrade IP Phone firmware, and manage everything remotely.

Hosted in-house or cloud – the choice is yours

You can choose to run 3CX in the cloud (in your cloud account) or on-premise on Windows, Linux, MiniPC or Raspberry Pi, keeping complete control of your data.

Whatever you decide it’s an easy process and you’ll be up and running in no time.

3cx Phone System - people dashboard

Interested in Hosted Telephony for your business?

We can always arrange a demo for you to try or you can 

Click here for your free 3cx phone system trial...

Other benefits of the 3cx Phone System include:-

  • You can take your extension wherever you go
  • Free VoIP calls with your smartphone
  • Connect all apps simultaneously via SIP Forking
  • Easily view the status of your colleagues
  • Receptionist view to administer calls and swift drag and drop call transfers
  • Launch calls directly from your CRM; integrate seamlessly with MS Exchange, Microsoft Outlook or Internal Phonebook
  • Automatically obtain reports on customer and agent activities
  • Includes Wallboard and Q-Manager view
  • Multifunctional web app with inclusive UC features
  • Make calls straight from the browser or easily control calls on your IP phone or smartphone
  • Integrated WebRTC technology resulting in reduced bandwidth usage
  • Free video conferencing for up to 250 participants
  • Bandwidth Management and Control
  • Easy to use polling tool for feedback
  • Inbuilt security that’s been exclusively developed to protect your PBX system from attacks
  • Unlimited users regardless of edition

Mastering the 3CX Web Client

Mastering The 3CX Android App

Mastering The 3CX IOS App

Configure office hours in the 3CX Console