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    Support , Connectivity , Hosted Telephony , Mobile Broadband

Broadband & Leased Lines


As with all our services, we will provision all services product for you so you will have one point of contact  for the project we will organise and deal with all aspects on  your installation.

There 4 main types of broadband:

ADSL -  Delivered directly to your office of home down standard copper cable.

FTTC -  Faster than ADSL deliverd by Fibre and Copper cable.

FTTP - Full Fibre directly to your door. 

SOGEA - Like FTTC but no phone line required. 

Leased Lines

What is a leased line ?

A leased  or Ethernet line is a private internet  connection between 2 or more locations provided according to a commerical contract. Speeds are fast and the bandwidth can be from 100MPS to 10GB. 

There are many suppliers for leased lines, depending on your area, this will determine which providers you can use.   In addition a leased line is uncontented, which means it's not shared by any other organisation, it is your private internet connection.

We can supply and provision most suppliers for Leased lines  EG: BT, Virgin,TTB,Vodafone to name a few.

Surveys may have to be carried out if you are instaling a leased line.  We can take you through the process. 

ADSL Broadband

What is ADSL? :

ADSL Broadband or Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line - the most basic and most common type of Broadband internet.

ADSL is generally the slowest & cheapest of the 4 main types of broadband. 

FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet)

What is FTTC?:

Simply  FTTC uses a full fibre optic connection from provider to the Green cabinets you see on the streets.  From the Cabinet it's then copper wire to your premises . 

FTTC is the most common set up for broadband in the UK and makes use of existing street cabinets and infrastructure, doing away with the need to dig up roads and paths. This makes it a lot cheaper to install than FTTP and most of the UK can access it. 

However  because FTTC still uses copper wire to get to your premises, this makes it a lot slower than Full Fibre FTTP.

BT Network FTTC

Talk Talk BT


What is SOGEA? :  

SOGEA Stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access 

SOGEA only offers a Broadband DATA service whereas FTTC gives you voice and data. A hosted phone system can run over your data connection, which can be fast when using SOGEA allowing you to have telephony without the need for a fixed line.


What is FTTP?: 

FTTP  means Fibre To The Premises - Rather than reaching your home via the green cabinet on the street FTTP travel directly from  the provider to your premises. There is no copper to slow the speed and you can keep your telephone numbers by deploying a cloud based  telephony system.

FTTP Diagram

FTTP uses all fibre optic making it the fastest type of connection in the market currently and can reach speeds up to 10GB.