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    Support , Connectivity , Hosted Telephony , Mobile Broadband

Cloud Telephone Systems

The Telecoms Industry has changed vastly over the last few years especially with the emergence of COVID-19.

The Pandemic brought cloud communications to the forefront of many business, big and small, giving business and employees the advantage of complete communications whilst working from home, abroad or on the road.

What is Cloud Telephony?

Basically it’s your phone system hosted in a data centre (The Cloud) with connectivity established via Broadband and SIP trunks.

Here is some of the main benefits:-

1. Ease of Deployment

Mitel cloud telephony

Cloud telephony requires no on-site equipment. That means you don’t have any telephone system equipment on site. This means potential savings on electricity and may free up some space also.

In addition the deployment of you Cloud telephony solution means everything can be set up remotely, negating the need for the cost of site visits and travel. Reducing install cost significantly and better for the environment.

2. Mobility

With the ability to have a mobile App on your iOS or Android means more effective communications while mobile as long has you have a good Wi-Fi connection or 4G you can stay connected to work colleagues, customers and suppliers, streamlining your communications to the benefit of everyone.

3. Cost Efficiency

No hardware means no maintenance costs for your telephony, depending on how your connecting to your cloud system ( SIP Trunks) your business gets the added benefit of FREE ,local, national and mobile calls. On Average savings of 70% or more in some cases can be achieved.

Cloud telephony products are typically less expensive than on-premise business phone systems because there’s no hardware to manage (other than desk phones if required.

4. Flexibility

3CX cloud telephony

A cloud phone system can grow or shrink as business dictates . Adding users , numbers only takes a minute. And with our 3CX offering one licence covers any amount of users, with features included, like Call Centre, Video Chat, Voicemail to name a few features.

Whether employees are located in a single building or scattered across the country, hosted telephony makes it possible for everyone in your business to operate on a single communication platform.

5. Always upto date

No need for expensive software upgrades either, upgrades are normally carried out once or twice a year giving you piece of mind that you are running your telephony system with the latest software , firmware and Security patches keeping your deployment safe and sound.