Unified Communications

Unified communications what is it???

Unified Communications is a way bringing all methods of modern day communications & devices iPAD, Android, PC, voice, email, mobile etc., together in one place, streamlining the way businesses & employees communicate with each other and customers. Driving costs down and improving communications.

Unified Communications can transform your business, small or large local or global. It allows real-time “collaboration” offering the user /business an integrated combination of voice, email, conferencing, video and instant messaging. This can increase efficiency and productivity.

Benefits of Unified Communications

Unified Communications allows business & users to easily communicate in real-time making collaboration and trouble-shooting incredibly easy to facilitate. This helps to eliminate the back-and-forth nature of communication associated with methods such as email and voicemail. The ability to see the presence of other users improves efficiency and saves time.


For someone using UC, they can start a phone call from their desk phone, and continue the call seamlessly on the mobile as they walk away from the desk and out of the office. So, in terms of continuing the business phone call and completing the task in hand, it means that you don't need to tell the person you'll call them back later.

A single voicemail with a unified voicemail box is another feature of UC, and this works for multiple communication devices, such as a desk phone, home phone, mobile phone, or VoIP (Voice over IP) phone, connected to a computer.

Cheaper calls and simplified billing

Being based on a digital network, UC can also offer cheaper calls than traditional telephony. With voice and video being carried as data over the public network, there is scope for businesses to lower their phone bills by using a unified system.

Another attraction for businesses is that UC systems can simplify billing and systems administration, and potentially lower the overall costs of conferencing by combining disparate services through one vendor. UC can also give the business predictable bills, so they know what their monthly spend will be.