IT Systems Support & Maintenance

Tele-response is able to offer FULL comprehensive support for your IT Hardware /software.  Our open support platform means we are able to offer our services on the majority of vendors, from Cisco to Xerox for desktops, laptops and even printers.

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Cisco offer a superb support package called SMARTnet.  However we have looked their great service and could see that it could be improved.  So that is what we have done. There is no point re-inventing the wheel, so we have enhanced it:

Tele-Response support

Same as Cisco® SMARTnet with the addition of the following:

Tele-Response support contracts include:

  • SLAs with guaranteed fix times
  • On site troubleshooting services for complex network software issues
  • Access to C.C.I.E’s
  • Performance guarantees
  • Tele-Response handle all logistics
  • Tele-Response assign dedicated account manager

Tele-Response additional options:

  • Flexible cover options
  • CCO
  • IOS software updates
  • Tele-Response to handle any network changes
  • Maintenance of other vendor’s equipment
  • Cisco® approved support process
  • Regular customer satisfaction surveys
  • Customer review process