About Us

A forward-thinking company

Telephone systems are changing, but the way maintenance and support is provided has not. At Tele-Response, we wanted to see a fairer more flexible approach to telephony maintenance and support.

Our history

Tele-Response grew out of a telecoms 2nd user company which specialised in quality, pre–owned telecoms equipment for the Siemens iSDX and Mitel SX2000 systems. The company, Exelsys Telecom Limited, was started back in 1994. With the advent of IP, falling hardware costs and the fact that Exelsys had been asked to start maintaining a number of sites, a decision was made to go fully into the Maintenance and support arena.

The company name was changed to Tele-Response Limited on 16th October 2006. However rather than just carry on the same way as all other support companies,  we wanted to see if we could change the way support and maintenance was provided. It seemed to us unfair that a client who had a reliable system/network was asked to pay an increase in support yearly. In addition to that, we noted that engineer continuity was very rare, with different engineers turning up on site with different skill levels.

A clear approach

We cost Voice and Data networks on their reliability/ risk. We only employ engineers with experience in their chosen field, whether it is Voice or Data. We enhance their knowledge by constantly putting them on courses so we and more importantly the customers are up to speed with the latest changes in this ever changing industry. 

We allocate a specific and named engineer to each client so that they can fully understand the client’s business and needs in order to set up, build and maintain a strong, long lasting working relationship with them. Our clients have direct access to their engineer via mobile and email.

Improved Customer Insight

From our research and experience, we know that staff who are responsible for telecoms or IT in a medium-to-large sized organisation have a valuable skill. Namely, before passing a fault to their incumbent maintainer, they carry out 1st line maintenance i.e. they evaluate whether the issue is network- or handset-related and they check programming.